About Us

Since 2004, SergeMD has delivered best-in-class IT services to hospitals, physician practices, municipalities and general businesses throughout Memphis and the Mid-South.

Put simply, we’ve been in your shoes.  We’ve stayed up late solving systems issues. We’ve been elbows deep in wire & cabling.  Things have broken, and we’ve had to find creative ways to get hardware back online.  Lived at client sites and in co-locations.  Managing networked systems from servers to software, SergeMD has evolved alongside the rapidly changing IT industry, and have helped to keep our client’s wits and sense of humor intact.

In 2015, SergeMD was acquired by Vertical Holdings of Charleston, SC as a strategic part of their portfolio of healthcare organizations.  In 2017, SergeMD was designated a Minority Business Enterprise.

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3340 Players Club Parkway
Suite #110
Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 260-2600


SergeMD Support
Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST
Saturday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

Herbert Drayton

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Silverman

Chief Operating Officer

Todd Steffey

Vice President

Ian Lucas

Technology Manager

Andy Chester

Support Desk Manager

Chris Taylor

Sr. Network & Sys. Admin.

John Ripley

Network & Sys. Admin.

Aaron Forsythe

Sr. Systems Analyst

Briania Johnson

Sr. Systems Analyst

Paula Campbell

Administration & Systems

Andrew Roper

Systems Analyst

Nick Green

Systems Technician

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